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America Chavez - The interdimensional kicker of butts, a Young Avenger, and the girl you never want to piss off. She's a spitfire from a Utopian dimension, who decided to give up a life of peace to become a hero. *this is an america chavez marvel indie rp blog. mun and muse are of age, so nsfw is a possibilty on this blog.*



Smiling at the feel of her head against him, keeping his arms around her and holding her in a gentle embrace. “I should probably call it a night then, huh? Think I can hitch a ride on the Miss America Express?” 

"I think I can do that, Burger Boy." She smirked playfully. Slipping out of his grip, she stood and held a hand out to him, waiting for Tim to take it and step onto the ledge with her. Once up, she brought her other arm around him before taking off into the sky.

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"Good. So, you don’t have to worry."

America still frowned, something still didn’t seem right about the whole thing. “Just… Be careful, okay chico?”

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America let out a surprised gasp when their lips finally parted. For once, then curly haired teen was left speechless before a smirk crossed her lips. “You miss me that much?”

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Yes.” He answered without hesitating. “You would. And you have.” Breaking his face with a laugh, he shuffled closer to her before putting his arms around her waist and giving her a quick kiss, “I’m not going to complain though.” 

America smiled into the kiss, humming slightly. Turning her head back to look forward, she let herself rest against Tim’s chest as she looked out to the horizon. “It’s already almost sunrise.”

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"But, I…" Pursing his lips, Tim stopped changing and put his pajamas back on, climbing back into bed with her. "Only because I love you. And because you’re comfy."

America opened her eyes as Tim moved back into bed, a small smirk on her lips. “Good… Because I would have carried you back if you said no.” She wasn’t kidding either, she had been fully prepared to move from her comfortable spot, just to retrieve him and make him stay put.

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Of course, America arrived at the destination first. Sitting herself on the edge of the rooftop, she waited for Tim, her eyes watching the city below her.

His mouth quirked off to the side as he saw her sitting on the edge, landing silently on the rooftop and folding his arms. “You flying is cheating, you know. Are you going to rub in the fact that you won the race?” 

"You never said anything about not flying." She grinned, looking at the red figure over her shoulder. "Would I rub winning in your face, chico?"

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"You're not going to lose me." —gothamsredguardian

"I-" America paused, her body seeming to relax some. "I know…"

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"Timoteo…" America grumbled as she felt the bad adjust slight, though she didn’t move, instead staying snuggled in bed. "Gothem can wait. Get back in bed."

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